Wellyson Freitas

Software Engineer

Berlin, Germany


N26, Software Engineer, — present

  • Implemented event-driven microservice in Kotlin for FinCrime Prevention.
  • Task force with Ops to remediate risk of out-of-support-third-party solution.
  • Wrote batch tool accelerating ETL process for business experiments.

IBM, Software Engineer,

  • Worked on the Financing BU to improve GDPR-like compliance of a large bank.
  • Supported diversity voluntarily assisting a squadmate with visual disability.
  • Architected solution on AWS to automate recurrent data purging.

Invillia, Software Engineer,

  • Developed microservice for transaction BI of a major fintech.
  • Advocated Agile Values and Principles in the code and team.
  • Created plugin to flat Avro schemas reducing dev cycle time.

Monitora, Software Engineer, -

  • Designed a financial module from scratch following EAA patterns.
  • Worked on 7 outsourcing projects receiving favourable feedback.
  • Load tested and monitored web app in loco for a bank tournament.


  • Kotlin / Java
  • Spring Framework
  • AWS
  • JOOQ / Hibernate
  • SQL
  • Microservices
  • APIs
  • Apache Kafka
  • Testing
  • Agile
  • Communication
  • Organization skills



System Analysis and Development

Federal Institute of São Paulo, 2017-2020


  • English C1
  • Native Portuguese